Tri Agri farm has 450 Acres of Land in.Bhera, Sheikh da Lok, and Khan purWadra, Punjab Pakistan The Bhera Lands are located 215km from Lahore going to Islamabad. Sheikh da Lok is on BheraJhavrain road, and Khan purWadra is also on BheraJhavrian road but is close to Shahpur. 80% of the lands are on the roadside, which makes it convenient for logistics.

Tri Agri is a grower of Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Guar, silage, and vegetables producing nice yields. The water conditions on a foresaid lands are 6 months of river water and rest is tube wells, and water motors.

Tri Agri is also equipped with Agricultural machineryand having its own harvesters, which are being used commercially and as well as on its own farm lands.

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